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57 No. 57
Years ago, I was capable of speaking some decent French. But as time passed by, I forgot most of it due to lack of practice. Now I'm working for an international company based in Paris and even though everyone around me speaks English and I'm working mostly in Cyprus or remote from my computer, I want to connect with my French colleagues and improve on my French.
What would you say is the best approach on learning French? I have no time to regularly visit a course so it would be best to find a solution that I can practice at home. I'd say my skill is somewhere between B1 and B2. I understand quite a lot from reading, but when it comes to listening or even speaking myself, I'm lost pretty soon.
Thanks in advance anons.
>> No. 58
say "suce ma bite de 4cm sale arabe" evry time
>> No. 60
Les Camarad·e·s Jaunes est un petit Discord entre ami·e·s issu·e·s du 18-25, où nous échangeons sur de multiples sujets, dans le respect et la bonne humeur. Vous pouvez nous rejoindre si vous savez vous comporter en société et que vous avez un minimum de second degré (et que vous avez du temps à perdre) : https://discord.gg/au4kfhm

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